A Call for Action from Joan Bakewell on the Granny Tax

April 17, 2012.


Almost a month has passed since George Osborne delivered his 2012 Budget and I have heard many people call it many different things. The word I've heard most is  - unfair. It's unfair on those who work hardest in our society, on those who have spent their lives working, saving and being responsible, and it's them that are now being squeezed harder than ever before.

Cameron has chosen to save the richest one per cent £3 billion in tax cuts, whilst freezing pensioners personal allowance, affecting over 4 million pensioners in the UK.

I am proposing we all  call on George Osborne and David Cameron to think again about their Budget attack on pensioners.  That's why I'm asking your help in spreading the message that this Granny Tax is wrong.

There is a vote on Thursday in the Commons on this very issue.  You can help in various ways:  please join me in trying to change this bad tax

Please try and do one thing today to put pressure on Cameron and Osborne:

1. Sign a petition calling on the Government to change course

2. Email your local newspaper asking them to keep pressure on the Government

3. Email a friend ensuring they know just want the Government has planned

4. Email your local MP telling them how you want them to vote on Thursday

5. Share your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter

Only with your support we can spread this message and demand change. The Government must think again on Granny Tax.

Thank you,


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